Thursday, June 11, 2009

Visiting female MC's together for the first time in Seattle!

Seattle, WA - June 8, 2009 - MC Invincible (Detroit) and Sabreena Da Witch (Baltimore/Palestine), together for the first time in Seattle, will be headlining two hip-hop shows this week: Thursday June 11th 7pm w/ MC and songstress Toni Hill and DJ B-girl at the UW Ethnic Cultural Theatre (3931 Brooklyn Ave NE) and Friday June 12th 8pm w/ MCs Canary Sing and DJ B-Girl at Hidmo Eritrean Cuisine (2000 S. Jackson St).
Invincible "One of the most talented emcees I've ever heard black or white, male or female..."
-Talib Kweli
It is truly rare to find an artist like Invincible. Her spitfire wordplay has gotten her acclaim from Hip Hop fans all across the world, while her active involvement in progressive social change has taken her music beyond entertainment, and towards actualizing the change she wishes to see. Repping Detroit, MI, many are already familiar with her work with Waajeed and the Platinum Pied Pipers, Finale, the all-female ANOMOLIES crew, Black Star, and many others. Dubbed by XXL Magazine as "every A&Rs worst nightmare" for rejecting major label deals and general industry politrix, Invincible started her own record label, EMERGENCE, self-releasing her long-awaited full length LP, ShapeShifters, June, 2008.
Hidmo Space
Palestine's First Lady of R&B, Abeer aka Sabreena da Witch is a Palestinian R&B singer and educator born and raised in Lyd, Palestine/Israel. The challenges of being a Palestinian woman living inside of Israel led Abeer to express herself through art. She studied film and photography in the Israeli art academies and became active in political and social events in the Israeli and Palestinian territories after the second Intifada started in 2000. Abeer writes and composes all her music. Her lyrics are about the struggle for freedom and justice in the world and in Palestine specifically. Abeer also is one of the only musicians in the world to discuss the subject of honor-killing, and of women's struggle for independence in the Arab world and beyond ; singing and rapping mostly in Arabic, using her unique Eastern R&B and Dancehall style.
While Invincible and Sabreena Da Witch have collaborated on such songs as "People Not Places" (ShapeShifters, 2008) and have both been to Seattle before, the UW Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), UW Women's Action Commision (WAC) and Hidmo Entertainment present them together for the first time in Seattle, along with a talented line-up of local artists. Thursday's free all-ages show at UW's Ethnic Cultural Theatre will feature Toni Hill (Only Love, 2009) and DJ B-girl (Knox Family, 2009), both legendary NW artists in their own right. Friday's all-ages benefit show at Hidmo will feature the fresh faces of Canary Sing (The Filthy, Filthy EP, 2008) and DJ B-girl back on the 1s and 2s. Donations of $5-$20 (sliding scale) will be taken at the door of the Hidmo show to raise money for artists and activist from Seattle to attend the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this summer, which Invincible will be participating in and performing at.
The ASUW Womens Action Commission is a student-run, University of Washington based organization working toward increasing womens visibility and advocating on behalf of women on campus.

Students for Justice in Palestine UW is a group of students dedicated to promoting the principles of justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for the Palestinian people.
Hidmo Entertainment is a producation crew consisting of local artists and community organizers whose mission it is to support and grow local and/or independent music and art through innovative, engaging and socially responsible programming and providing a space and opportunities for community partners and collaborators to engage in dialog that uplifts humanity; with a special emphasis on the empowerment and engagement of youth and women.

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